“Which one is Fran? She sounds horrible!”

15 Jun

One of the things that makes Crossfit London so good is our constant self re-evaluation: coaches get reams of feedback on their coaching content and style: the website is always being reviewed, as is the accounting system. We often try and look from the outside back in, to see ourselves as new people see us.

It never occurred to us that a possible problem was the workouts named after girls. Day by day we curse the arrival of Fran and Elizabeth. Some dread Cindy, others loath Nicole. So is it any wonder that  a newbie gets the impression that we are all a bit bitchy, especially if you havent  yet got the idea that the phrase ” I hate that bitch Fran!” isn’t us talking about a Crossfit London member  behind her back.

So it was Fran tonight, with an emphasis on coaching: We  paired everyone up and got them to support the other through

21, 15, 9

Thrusters and pull ups.

We imposed a 10 minute guillotine with the idae that, if you sub, you had better still be struggling through your last round when the 10 minutes are up. There are no points for picking up the lightest weight and the biggest band and  scampering through lite Fran in 5 minutes. Go as near RX’d as possible and suck it up: it gives you a real idea  of what Greg Glassman’s intensity was about: Greg talked about upping your work capacity. This was our effort to find a level of effective work.

We also contributed warm up ideas from the floor, and some  groups got to practise handstands too. Fabulous night: some great coaching.

marcus flies through the air with the greatest of ease

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