All you can eat buffet fitness, and exes

10 Jun

Inspired by the growing “buffet” trend in London restaurants, Id thought we would try it at Crossfit London, so we set up 4 back squat stations, 4 clean stations, 4 muscle up stations and 3 GHD’ station with the overall encouragement of,  rotate through the stations, get some practise in: feel free to focus your time on skills you would like to develop. Bearing in mind sophia’s recent experience at a commercial gym, we will be emphasising  building up peoples GHD sit up capacity over a long period.

Anyway, the results were interesting, Cian  focused on attempting to string 2 muscle ups together while stephanie got stuck into her back squat, leaving previous PB’s strewn around the floor like so many discarded  ex boyfriends.

I stood in awe as she whacked on over 10kg to her previous PB.

We finished off the evening with a burpee sprint : 50 as fast as posible, but with  a target of  2.30. Well done for Naim for making in in 2.20, and not puking!

Ghost burpee action...this is photographic art


As always, thanks for the sweaty cuddle Phil; great improvement in the squat clean Ruairie. Those olympic weightlifting sessions with Foz are pure gold.

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