BioRhythm: Witchcraft or a valuable tool

13 Jun

Perhaps it because Im 50, but some days I go into the gym, start a workout and drag my self through as if  Im rubbish. These days seem to be very distinct.

Im not talking about a hard workouts where to struggle because you are not very good at something, its when you are set a move that you think “ooo, that easy” . You do it , and you suck.

Normally I put this down to a mix of lack of sleep and poor diet the night before:, but then I wonder, why did I have the poor sleep and diet, and why, if  I  have a bad night, I dont always suck.

I started talking To Kate about Biorhythms. Its the pseudoscience that suggests we have monthly cycles of dips and troughs. I think it was “hot stuff” in the 70’s, and I remember my dad and mum looking their readings up ( Im not sure if that was before or after my mum started transcendental meditation……mine was a weird home) So I thought I would set up this little experiment.

(assuming the code below works) when you have a bad physical day, for whatever reason, look up your biorhythm below and post the results in comments

Biorhythm Calculator and Plotter

If anyone can suggest a better Biorhythm site, suggest away in comments. Please dont let it, for now, guide you. Simply post if you had had a bad day with the physical reading.

6 thoughts on “BioRhythm: Witchcraft or a valuable tool

  1. i had a shite day today, but still hit my strength targets, but struggled through them. I felt awful doing it. I had more planned but couldn’t face it.

    My biorhythm suggests im down by 63%

  2. Hmm…I had a pretty good day physically (10 consecutive 125kg back squats) but my biorhythm says I have have -63% Physical…

    But then again, it says I have +84% Emotional, so maybe I just feel good about myself today…

  3. with my physical rating at minus 93% I just did my 3 rounds of max pull ups, 20 GHD sit ups/back extensions in 14 minutes. Didnt play hero.

    Funny thing is that after my previous comment, I felt my knee play up ( so I “just” jogged the following day) also, spoke to steven the day after his comment who was complaining about a back of the leg injury.

    The implication is this. There may be those days where physical capacity is “down” but that can express its self in poor dietary practises, poor sleep, increase injury chances. It may not mean you will do badly.

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