Booking system problems [Updated]

17 Jun

It seems that there have been a few problems with the booking system that have been caused by a recent attack on their servers. This has cause some system slowness, and difficulties with access.

Update 14:20, Sunday 19 June

It seems as if things have calmed down again. MBO have upgraded their server and firewall architecture overnight and this morning, so things should start to settle down again.

The ‘normal’ link to the booking system is back online:

For the full description of the incident, please read the statement from MBO, below.

Dear MINDBODY Clients,

Beginning yesterday morning, MINDBODY became the target of a Denial of Service Attack.  This means that internet hackers intentionally flooded our web servers with automated traffic in an attempt to “deny service” to our legitimate clients and their customers.

Our Engineering Team worked tirelessly around the clock for two days to fend off the attack and maintain service. I am pleased to report that as of this afternoon, they have successfully deployed system changes that effectively shut down our attackers and should prevent us from being affected by such attacks in the future.

The MINDBODY Team wants you to know three important facts:

  1. At no time during this event was your, or your customers’ data ever at risk.This kind of cyber attack simply overloads our system temporarily.  It does not enable the hackers to get past our secure firewalls and other security precautions.Independent auditors as well as our own team have reviewed our systems today and confirmed this to be true.
  2. Internet Denial of Service attacks go on every day around the world. Any major site you’ve used, including Google, Facebook, and even government websites around the world fends these things off routinely.  The fact that MINDBODY has now been targeted simply means that the world knows who we are.
  3. As a result of this event, our Engineering Team has deployed a series of system improvements that will prevent the same kind of attack from creating connectivity issues to your MINDBODY site in the future.  As a side benefit of this improvement, our system should run faster around the world.

On behalf of the Team, I’d like to apologize for the inconvenience this caused your business.  However, this attack was completely outside of our control.  We take service reliability and security extremely seriously, and our commitment to you is to continuously improve.  We are investing millions of dollars per year to ensure that the MINDBODY systems you rely on are  better, faster, more reliable, and always secure.

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