CFE 31st May: back to 400m & change in schedule!

01 Jun

FIRST OFF: FYI Tuesdays CFE session will now be at the same time on Wednesdays! Sorry for the inconvenience, and hopefully the new slot will still work for everyone!

After Saturday’s CFE class getting together to run 2 800 intervals,today the team ran 4 400 metres intervals.
When you’re 200 metres or so into your 3rd or 4th round of 400 metres, it becomes harder to :
1) maintain cadence
2) maintain solid posture ( i.e. not break at the hips)
3) maintain speed
Whats the CFE perscription when in this situation? Think of a kettlebell swing!
When you have swung that 24kg cannon ball above your head, your hips are open, your abs and glutes are engaged… so when your form starts collapsing, visualize being at the top of the swing and push those hips through and squeeze those glutes!
Once you get your posture right remember to lean from the ankles, if your center of gravity is ahead of your feet you can pull them up under your bum instead of striding out and halting your momentum with every step.
And when youre leaning in good posture and pulling your feet up towards your bum, then muscle elasticity becomes crucial to maintain a cadence higher than 90 beats a minute.
Barefoot skipping is a great way of getting used to landing on the Ball of Foot as opposed to the heel, and training the muscle elasticity required to efffortlessly bounce off the floor without stomping!
Congratulations to all of the runners who put in a great effort today, all of your times are going into our database, from which we can follow your progress and give you some targets for your performance over longer distances.

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