Coaching: Safety in Crossfit

14 Jun

The issue of safety is always at the centre  of what we do both at Crossfit London classes and at the Coaching Academy.

Below is an interesting extract from an email written a while ago, discussing box jumpsafety. The principles are probably good for most activities:

The combination of factors  to ensure a  safe box jump session, would be this.
  • Are the substitute exercises available and insisted on, or is therepressure to go for a bigger box without the certainty of skill? So there is a blue and a yellow box out, or even a pile of mats?
  • How good was the watching phase? What is the coach’s opinion of client positioning and understanding of the movment standard
  • We should all understand the what the lazycheat is:  Box jumps = a two footed jump onto the middle of the box, a stand up, then a jump off. There is no bouncing on the edge, no wild jump in the air with a “pretend” hip extension in mid air.
  • Has the coach discussed a  rep/set  strategy e.g. 10 x 5, quick rest? Maybe the client wants to get onto the blue box, but are stuck with the yellow. Is one blue box for every 4 yellow box a possibility?

Now, it’s down to ruthless coaching, prioritising risks, and your viewing position during the class:

  • Look at the moves, the need for assistance i.e. your risk scanning system
  • Whilst out-of-the-blue accidents happen, I suspect most accidents have a lead in: loss of control, too wild, too focused on coming first, or during box jumping, using the ‘edge bouncing’ cheat.
  • Quality of intervention: does the participant understand your intervention? Was a quick word enough? Or do you need to stop them and corrected them, or make them take a sub if need be.

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