Do The Math

19 Jun

Saturday 18th June 2011

This morning saw the return of the skillz and drillz session. We looked at the dish and and its various progressions and how this shape translates to on the bar for the start of the kipping pullup.  Some great progress was made and many of you are now well on your way to mastering the full technique.  But be patient this skill takes time.


21-18-15-12-9 of Sumo dead lift high pull and ring dips.  A great little push pull couplet.  If you got your weight and strategy right this is a good 12 minute blast.  The weight should always be challenging and you should feel the need to rest even in the first set.  For many of us we are still finding out our capacity. This is ok just make a note for the next time whether it was too heavy or too light. This workout is 75 reps, that’  a lot in anybody’s books.  Fantastic effort. Sorry no pictures I have camera issues.  Service will resume as normal next time.



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