Letter to everyone at Crossfit London.

22 Jun

Some of you know already, but for those who don’t know yet:

September marks my one year anniversary with Crossfit London, and also the date of my departure.

I’ll be leaving mid September to go back to Montreal for a few months before I start moving around again. While I’ll probably come back through London at some point in the future, it doesn’t look like it’ll be for a few years.

I’m going to miss everyone.

You made it a fun year. I watched you learn double unders, finally get those kipping pull ups, complain incessantly, crash and burn during wod’s, but then hit PR’s all over the place.

You’re tough and you’re dedicated. Just seeing how far you’ve all come since we started training together, I can’t wait to see where you will be a year from now.

Working with all of you was a privilege and a pleasure. You helped make me a better coach and a better athlete.

I’ll do my best to keep in touch (although I warn that I am very bad at it), and you are always welcome to email me any questions you might have.

The easiest way to reach me is still here, or find me on facebook here.

I’m still around for a little while so don’t lament my departure yet. I can, and will, make you all suffer with bad jokes, worse music and horrible WOD’s for a few more weeks.

Just try and stop me.

11 thoughts on “Letter to everyone at Crossfit London.

  1. Lament, lament!
    Please stay at least until the 10th – then my birthday thing at the gym can double up as your big leaving party! Say yes!

  2. Sadness. 🙁 But on the upside, we’ll (hopefully) be on the same continent!

    let’s train!!

  3. Dude…you suck…don’t go!

    As I said to you the other day…your programming and WODs have made me the athlete I am today…Will be a big loss!

  4. phil i will miss you. thats a given. but i’ll be honest and say i’ll probably miss you gf just a little bit more.

    but – see you in canada! on peut faire le crossfit en joual – comment dit-on ‘thruster’ en quebec??? est-ce que on peut dire ‘il faut shrugger’?

  5. Oh no! What sad news to start my day and I’ll be on holiday when you leave so won’t be able to attend either your leaving party or Kate’s birthday party. Double sadness!

  6. Now this is not good news….. your classes were brilliant, hope you decide to come back dude.

    Your classes made Si what he is today, and I’ll always remember that when he hammers me in wods.

  7. Gutted Phil. Have definitely got stronger doing them. Stay in touch.

    Your most recent class has made me walk and cycle much slower than usual because I’m so sore!

  8. Sad you’re leaving Phil, I’ve certainly learned a great deal in your classes. Always challenging and unpredictable.

    Good luck on your new adventures,
    You’ll be missed!

  9. Phil, you’ll be sorely missed. The close attention and advice on mobility, technique, nutrition, and motivation, can never be replaced! I will always appreciate your positive words when I was facing personal hard times, where ever you go next – they’re lucky bastards! One love.

  10. moving around, back in a few years… sounds like an epic adventure is brewing
    good luck, and looking forward to hearing of your travels

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