Practice Night: Fight Gone Bad and Fran

01 Jun

It was a simple proposition. Fracture up Fight gone bad and begin to understand  issues such as maximum achievable work capacity and reps achievable within 1 minute.

So it was 1 minutes worth of work, 1 minute rest.

Push press
sumo deadlift high pull
wall ball
box jump

We then rested and did heavy dumbbell thrusters, 3 sets of “about 5 ” reps .

The second bite at fight gone bad, cut the rest to 30 seconds, aiming to hold the amount of reps from the 1st round constant if possible: understand your work capacity, and stick with it. Believe you can overcome the fatigue.

We occupied the second break with weighted pull ups, and watched cindy( 54) haul up an extra 10kg: good Job.

The last round of Fight Gone bad was as set. 5  sets of 1 minutes, back to back!

After that it was, er, well, lie on the floor, a lot.

Well done to lovely Nia, who braved her 1st real class after  building her skills in Kate’s monday class.

For the followers of Kates various  phobias, it was great to see her bouncing on and off a blue box. Proud father Phil Holbrook smashed it all with Gusto, while Marcus made 25kg dumbbell thrusters look easy.

6 thoughts on “Practice Night: Fight Gone Bad and Fran

  1. Phil, what a cutie! I mean your baby!

    Good job Nia. If you dodge Filthy 50, you’ll just get Fight Gone Bad. That’s karma!

  2. When do you know you’re a little CrossFit crazy? When you read this blog and are gutted you missed out!

  3. Damn…i read this and thought…why did i miss this sounds horrible and awesome at the ssme time 🙂

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