strength and snatch…and a few squats

08 Jun

With 4 packed classes, the new look wednesday was launched with 4 “on the hour” classes starting with “Kates Chatty time”. a lovely gossip with other crossfitters about bastard bosses, useless romantic partners and other annoying stuff’, whilst in the bottom of an overhead squat.

The 5pm class did a  bit of gym re-organisation ( a “functional lifting task), ending up with the weights down one side and a bit more room at the back!

Then we kicked off with front squat strength with a snatch practise mash up. We had fun in a 50 air squat, 10 ring dip x 4 race, and ended up with supported levers

A big hello to Eleanor, Kiran, Max and Joe

3 thoughts on “strength and snatch…and a few squats

  1. During my chatty time, my relationship complaint was that I hadn’t had any flowers for ages. When I got home, there was a bunch of the loveliest roses awaiting me. I retract my complaint publicly! Thank you, baby!

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