04 Jun

Saturday 4th June 2011

After a packed beginners class (thanks Simon for your help, invaluable)  it was on to the Saturday WOD.

Strength component was the push press 2×5 and 1x max’

While warming up we concentrated on breaking the hip correctly and being explosive in the drive.


It’s called 10! for a very simple reason 10 reps of each for 10 rounds with a cut off time of 25ish minutes.

Pull Ups, Ring Dips, Knees To Elbows and Lunges

A real big problem for the hands for many people. The new bars do seem even grippier to me so extra care needs to be taken. I suggested strict pull ups if it became a problem this can reduce the friction on the hands. I know it’s not as fast as the kipping action but once your hands are in pieces you will end up doing neither!

Looks impressive but ultimately not very helpful

A fantastic effort all round today and for me it was on to the Crossfit London  UK Academy, everyday is a school day….

3 thoughts on “Ten/10

  1. From what I’ve seen on fb, this wod destroyed hands like no other! I found it really fun though. Thanks Colin for the custom ‘broken brie’ wod!

  2. my hands are looknig far too pretty these days almost non crossfit like…i need to do a wod like this…

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