The “Lambert Arse-head alignment” concept

29 Jun

A simple wod inspired by Stevens morning class

8 handstand push ups

12 toes to bar

16 (24kg) Kettlebell swings.

There were some special twists that carried on to the ring inversions after the wod: you have to get your bottom over your head, or, as visitting crossfitter Lambert said ” you mean your head and arse in alignment”.

That sounds like a catch  phrase to me: so we focused on developing a proper handstand push up. One that loads the shoulders and builds capacity, not a handstand thats a collapse against the wall, with a squirming motion.

If you can, get your feet on a box, then get “your head and arse aligned”. To make matters worse  we agreed that your legs should be straight, loading your hamstrings, thus avoiding 10 minutes of silly mobility exercises . The same standard carried over to the Toes to Bar. keep your legs long… lets get some quality into the movement: after all, thats where the magic is!

What could be simpler.

Anyway. It was a nasty WOD.

Preceded by 5, 5, 5+ push press.

2 thoughts on “The “Lambert Arse-head alignment” concept

  1. Was very happy to be able to get my arse over my head on the rings again (hadn’t done it for a while – had to have a few goes) Box HSPU did me in, though.
    Thanks for another great class, baby x

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