Three Minute Rest

11 Jun

Saturday 11th June 2011

Our strength session started with the challenging front squat.  2×5 and 1x max’ reps’.  They do feel different and they are more challenging.  When tired and at the bottom of the squat you really have to fight against the urge to look down and collapse forward.


Built in rest periods are weird. They can really mess you up.  Deliberately slowing down your heart rate only to go back to making a maximum effort is very hard.  So it was good to see how just three minutes rest really affected you.  Simon and Richard well done for reaching level three on my scale of effort. 1. Funny faces. 2. Involuntary noises. 3. Feeling a bit sick.

30 Pull ups

30 Burpees

30 Kettle bell swings

2 minutes rest

20 PU

20 Brps

20 KBS

1 minute rest

10 PU

10 Brps

10 KBS

Some had time for a nice little Afterparty of 100 squats. Beautiful!



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