Tom’s Tour: Update 1

08 Jun

Tom, for those of you who dont know, has taken 3 months off from coaching at Crossfit London to tour the States.

Here is his 1st report.

“So after a week of being in the US, I visited Crossfit las vegas! Awsome very friendly bunch, most police and firepeoples, the owner or atleast the coach for that day, Joe, run he’s class with military precision and was hot not to let anyone get away with less thatn perfect movements! The decent 24hours plus of travelling showed in my squat, was like I was just starting out again! The WOD: 10 oh squats, 1 k2e, 9 oh squats, 2 k2e etc to 1 and 10 respectively! Rxd 95lb 65lb

Then i hit a pool and got chatted up so doing any kind of exercise was the last thing on my mind haha
However on to San Francisco! I might as well have been in london to see those guys my hostel was so far away! But i did manage to get down there on the last day at 5pm in what had to be at least a 20 person class! Unreal, outside in a car park with 20 people doing: 5 rounds for time, 5push press, 10front squat, 15 hang power cleans, 20 double unders! 95lb 65lb diane ran a beyond chilled out class with these amount of people that apparently gets larger as the evening goes on. Although the ginocapod class numbers each class starts with a 30 sec exercise where you have to introduce yourself to everyone in the class! Was awesome training outside with the sun shining in front of the golden gate bridge!
Am now on my way to Vancouver to see what they have to offer but in the meantime im sat in SF airport sporting a SFCF t shirt waiting for my rainbow!
Hope all is well in london town! Still have yet to find a deserving owner of my lone CF london t shirt i have brought with me to trade!

Speak to you in another week for next instalment!”

No doubt Tom will send me a good pic next time as well!

5 thoughts on “Tom’s Tour: Update 1

  1. hey tom

    i have a friend who crossfits in vancouver – let me know if you want an introduction!! good luck.


  2. Nice to see the psychodelic colour scheme on the San Francisco Crossfit T-shirt. Also good to see that each box is able to create its own identity/atmosphere.

    Keep on enjoying yourself Tom!

  3. Fake! Tom getting chatted up? Give me a break….

    Only joking, have a good one mate and kick some ‘ass’.

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