Toms Travels. Duex or dos

16 Jun
The continuing  Nail biting tale of a Crossfiter abroad….
Week dos!
Vancouver!!! Am still recovering from 3 days straight at Crossfit westside, each workout involved something i didn’t want to do because of lack of “phyz” and cramped travel conditions!
WOD 1: 3 rounds of 800m run and dumbell thrusters mmm that was nice after being forced bagels for breakfast! Had to pop to the loo midway through round 2!
WOD 2 of which i am baring the scars! 50 pull ups 10 box jumps, 40 20, 30 30, 20 40, 10 50! Result? Hands ripped to shreds and still not abke to straighten my arms 5 days later due to severe tendonitis, although PB’d on amount of pull ups done in one go, on the first round obviously! 37!
WOD 3 with gammy arms: 3 rounds of  1 min max Double unders
1 min rest
1 min max push ups
1 min rest
1 min jumping lunges
Total reps is score
I sighed with releif as nothing would aggrevate my already scary inflamation around my elbows and ripped calouses! So…if your going to Vancouver, be sure to drop into Crossfit Westside, its Downtown so depending on if your staying downtown it can be real close, just give Jennica an email and let her know your swinging down!
Back to California now to see what Santa Cruz has to offer!

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