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09 Jun

There comes a time in every runners life where they go, “you know what,  I know i can jog that 5k, now i need to do it faster”. And thats not surprising, after all 5k is based on a race, and races are based around how fast you are,

Now, the chances are that  you are not a genetically gifted runner, just a normal person, probably sitting down all day. So what is your race target? Here is is. To improve your own time. Dont look up  the times of the elite, or the times of 20 year olds, or pluck a new time out of the air. Simply find out your current  5k time, follow an 8 week programme, then re-test it.

So, if you want to join us, this is what we are going to do. You are going to run 5k and time yourself, or meet up with us in a local park where we can act as volunteer timers for you, then, we are going to give you a running programme that may just up your running times. it will be a twice a week programme that you can do at home, or join in one of our endurance classes ( where you can learn Crossfit Endurance and POSE running techniques under the supervision of our Crossfit Endurance and POSE coaches who offer a broad range of personal experiences, the super triathlete , “stretch”, “efe” the person you would have voted the most unlikely person to run anywhere…ever, works with new terrified runners and gets them to “believe”. If he can run, so can you. and Andrew the 50 year old (occasional barefoot runner)  pops along for the odd session to gee people up.

This is an experiment to see if the “new” shorter distance, higher intensity,  approach actually works, so we will be encouraging you to blog your experiences  and feedback!

The “how to enter” details will go up after the weekend, but we thought we would whet your appetite.

If you are desperate for more information now , you can drop “stretch” an  email


12 thoughts on “Up your 5k time

  1. This sounds interesting so long as I don’t have to do pose as it upsets my mind and makes me hate running. So I will probably do the sessions at home in my own time so no one can see ‘how’ I am running.

    I did improve my 5K time between a race in January and one at the end of March and I only ran once a week so I put the improvement down to crossfit in general.
    And I keep saying to myself I should do more sprinting type sessions but have only managed one or two this year on a local field.

    So like the burpee challenge this may be a good way to get myself doing some shorter distance intensity work. I will probably still do my Sunday longish run as well though which is between 4 and 6 miles slow to medium pace.

  2. this should be an ideal extra. Short, intense and Fun (or nasty, depends on your view point!) no need to POSE if you dont want to.

  3. Yay, i am excited for this…seen as im running a marathon in October im looking to Crossfit Endurance to pull me through. 🙂

  4. Wow, I’ve just checked out the Parkrun website and found out they do a 5k run every Saturday on my doorstep. What a result!

    Thanks for the recommendation Sam.
    Can’t believe I’ve never heard of it before.

  5. I’ll second the Parkrun comment. I do my local one every Saturday and it’s timed for you and a great way of racing against yourself week on week. Will certainly be following this programme though as I’ve now become slightly obsessed with continually setting a personal best. And beating my Mate who I do it each week with who’s a much more natural runner than me.

  6. I did my first ever park run last weekend, thanks to Sam (I’d never heard of it before either!). Loved it! Shame it’s half hour from home, but still – will keep it up sporadically!
    What’s happening with the CF 5km challenge? All’s gone quiet…

  7. i think we are posting the details up mid week, to start the week after… my massage finals have got in the way of initiatives.


  8. Hey Andrew/other coaches

    What is the rationale for using this style of programme for a 5k?

    Not being awkward, but the 5k is 80% aerobic, and 20% anaerobic. Noone here is or is trying to be an elite runner so Im not saying training should mirror this split exactly but it should surely be kept in mind.

    For the 800 meters it is two thirds anaerobic and a third aerobic. Good amateurs see good improvements on this distance by splitting their training half and half aerobic anerobic. So I’m a bit confused as to why if you were aiming to improve your 5k you wouldnt make aerobic work a significant part of your training?

    Longwinded question from an ex running geek 🙂

  9. Hi Pat,

    the short answer for today, is that, in this instance, its an experiment, ( but not a very good one, as we cannot control what other activities the participants do.)

    We will publish all the supporting ( and refuting) evidence as this, and other challenges are documented and the results assessed.

    But over the next 8 weeks, ill put up lots of articles and links about developing aerobic capacity , running speed etc…..
    But, part of the clue is this. the shorter distance programming is rarely, “just run 400m”. its normally run 400m, with 2 minutes rest x 4…….

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