Wednesday night Experiment: time change

01 Jun

For the next month, we are going to experiment with a new evening schedule by piloting it on wednesday nights ONLY

Classes will be at 5, 6, 7, 8, rather than the normal 5.30, 6.30, 7.30pm.( on wednesdays)

We have tried various methods to see if this would work: questionnaires, polls, focus group, street canvassers,  imagineering sessions:  but thought we would run  it up the flag pole and see if the cat salutes.

After all, does the Pope s**t in the wood?

Are bears catholic?

So dont get confused. For  this one night  a week only, the times are different: that’s sort of like saying, the times on this day, are not the same as on other days. They are different. Not the same as other nights.. phew, this can be hard going, Er like, Wednesday nights, er “ave   changed, bruv,  innit.

It its does not work we will change it back in about a months time……

6 thoughts on “Wednesday night Experiment: time change

  1. I personally like the current timings as I find it fits in well with my work schedule and gives me a little time to get to the gym to get changed and warmed up a bit.

    It will be good to see how the experiment does and if it suits people better though!

  2. I’m the opposite – the time change would mean not getting changed in a scramble at work, tapping my foot as the Northern Line gets delayed yet again, and talking my way out of late burpees!

    Like you say – will be good to see if the time change works better for people. The main advantage is being able to fit in an extra class.

  3. 730 classes suit me best workwise. Also avoid me having to avoid really heavy traffic on my cycle home. That said I wouldnt be that annoyed if you put it half an hour later, as that would still work for me .

    I quite like the idea of offering these times on a Thursday as 630 is still a struggle some weeks, whereas 7 would be fine.

    Feel free to amend your timetable purely to suit me 🙂

  4. 7:30pm fits in better for me after work, and means I don’t get home too late…
    But not a bad idea to have different times on different nights so there will some days that work well for everyone!

  5. my 5$ – sounds good as this should mean I’m able to make the later 7pm class after work!

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