WOD 14 June: Heavy Badger

14 Jun

Back to business after a week away, and I continued with my leaning towards the CrossFit named workouts but with a bit of a twist. Session looked like this:

Mobility: leg swings, scapular push ups, Samson stretch variations (couple twists thrown in) and a dummy 400m run ready for the metcon.

Strength: deadlifts 1 x 5+ and weighted or assisted chins 2 x 8

Metcon: modified ‘Badger‘ or ‘Heavy Badger’ 3 rounds of 15 cleans, 15 pull ups and 400m run

Badger is one of the hero workouts and usually looks like this: 3 rounds of 30 cleans (40kg/27kg), 30 pull ups, 800m run. So I made the cleans heavier and the reps and run shorter. Effectiveness proven by Ian’s ‘sweat angel’ complete with CFL branding as seen in the main pic.

On the deadlifts we threw in lots of warm up sets so that we hit a true 5 rep range for the working set. Some excellent deadlift form today with lots of athletes demonstrating perfectly rigid backs throughout and a few 5 rep PRs to top things off.

Sally dropped by for the 8am showing off a much bigger bump and yet still making the workout look like child’s play (expect more pregnancy related puns in future posts)… I hope you’re all keeping an eye on her training progress throughout. Go TEAM!

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