WOD 16th June Deadlifts @ Dawn

17 Jun

I started you off with some mobility………..

Pass overs, Over the Fence, Leg Swings, OH Squats.

With a growing bump I needed to use my PVC while I balanced on one leg!

It was then time to drag out te racks for a spot of front squatting.

I was looking for a good reach back with the hips keeping knees in line, lovely high elbows and a good back position.

We worked on 5,5,5+

Adnan produced some good squats while Cameron worked hard to fight against nature to produce some decent squats.

The WOD for today was a delightful mix of deadlifts and box jumps.

25 Deadlifts

25 Box Jumps

The deadlifts were heavy and the box jumps were brutal to follow.

It took most 10 minutes to complete and pushed everyone past there comfort zone.

Some ask why do deadlifts in a high rep range.

There are benefits for the lower back building up endurance which can carry over to your squat.

You are also probably going to benefit from high rep deadlifts as they allow you to stimulate back growth and strength without lifting as heavy weights.  This can be good for managing fatigue of the central nervous system and recovery.

All in all its fun to mess it up from time to time.

Well Done Crew Good Work.

To see how I got on with this WOD check out



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