WOD 20th June Burpee Sandwich

21 Jun

Tonight started with burpees and ended with burpee!

A Cossfit sandwich of lovely exercises!

The warm up consisted of

10 Slow burpees – 10 Squats – 10 Hang power cleans – 10 Push press – 10 Fast burpees

After a quick stretch around the hips we set up for strength.

Front Squats 5.5.5+

I know that in-flexibility means some of you don’t like front squats. And I can sound like a nagging wife but high elbows while reaching the hips back into the squat will really help improve the quality of your squat.

The WOD today was of my own making. I wanted a high rep medium weight WOD that would work the heart rate up but also challenge overhead strength.


5 Rounds of 15,12,9,6,3

Hang Power Cleans

Push Press

Prescribed weight at 42Kg and 30Kg

For a couple of you I jacked up the weight as 42Kg just wasn’t quite enough.

The weight may have been manageable regarding your hang power cleans but it was the push press that really slowed you down.

I said it was a sandwich so we must end with burpees!

15 burpees as fast as possible x2/3 rest time is as long as it took to complete the burpees.

No sandbagging allowed!

Well done crew, a busy night with lots of lovely work done!

It see how I got on with this workout check out




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