WOD 23rd June Snatches and Lunges

24 Jun

Chris was off again leaving me to cover his morning sessions.

It was a skill day instead of strength.

I decided Snatches could always do with looking at.

With busy classes it was a good time to bust out the duck duck goose game again.

Basically you sit in a circle while someone walks around the edge of the circle tapping each head calling out “duck”.

At a random moment the tapper chooses someone to be goose, tapping their head as they reach them calling out “goose”.

The tapper then runs round the circle to get back to the space now created by goose jumping up and trying to catch the tapper.

When the space is filled 5 push ups are performed and so the game continues.

That makes it sound so complicated by really its an easy game.

After a few go’s each it was time to get serious.

We picked up some pvc’s and wasted no time in getting hrough our Burgnener warm up drills. With only so far you can get with a pvc we took up some light bars to drill a few power snatches the squat snatches.

The aim for today was to work up the weight.

5 sets in total 3×3 and 2×1

We took the 3’s as still working out a few creases and made sure that the 2 1’s were on point and heavy.

All this snatch practise led nicely to the met con for today which was as follows:

AMRAP 15 minutes

20 Moving Lunges weight overhead (db)

7 Snatches with a dumbell

Everything had to be performed both right and left.

The overhead weight meant that elbows were locked.

The lunges were moving which meant that each lunge you step out into and push back to standing. Heel striking was important to keep form and healthy knees.

This workout was a mental thing. It required you to grit your teeth and get on with it regardless!

Some confusion was met, a few performing the same arm as fatigue set in.

Good work team.

To find out how I got on check out :http://sallydixey.com/2011/06/wod-23rd-june-wake-up/



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