WOD 26th June Nothing but a box Thang!

28 Jun

Our title for today comes from the awesome music and atmosphere created over the night.

As I am off to see Snoop Dogg in a few weeks I had downloaded his old album to familiarize myself again.

And much to my surprise the whole crew had a love for the album and even busted a few moves while resting between sets.

Totally Ghetto Fabulous!

Anyhow this was just a small part of the night. We had loads of hard work to get on with.

Today was skill day.

I had chosen box squats.

This is something I have found really helpful in understanding and strengthening my squat.

This could be thought of as quite an advanced move but in fact some clubs will have you solely training the box squat before touching the free standing squat as it has such good carry over to the strength of the squatting muscles.

Let me explain a little how it works.

Firstly you want to approach the bar in such a way that we make the upper back and shoulders lock tight. A narrow grip with elbows directed to the floor is a good rule.

Taking the bar off the rack and stepping back to the box. Your stance will be just a fraction wider and any toeing out will be made less pronounced.

Ensuring that your mid-section is tight by bracing you are then going to move your hips back and down reaching them as far back as possible. You may even feel unbalanced the first time you do this.

Your decent to the box will be slow and controlled to allow for focus.

When your bottom reaches the box you will sit but not lose tension in your body.

From this position you are going to explode from the box extending the hips in an aggressive manner. The bar may bounce on your shoulders/back at the top.

This exercise is designed to build explosive energy and drive in the hips. The weight shouldn’t be unmanageable.

It will build and develop the strength in your squat muscles.

We worked at 50% of our 1 RM and did 10 sets of 2.

Well Done to everyone. This was a new technique which can sometimes be hard to grasp at first. Good Job all round!

Phew after all that we still had the WOD to do.

I had chosen Nancy for today.

Nancy is 5 rounds of

Running 400m
Running 400m

400m Run/Row

15 Overhead Squats (42Kg-35Kg)

Tom loves Overhead Squats
Tom loves Overhead Squats

Considering the heat outside and the humidity everyone did a top job. Well Done Crew.

To see how I got on with Nancy check out http://sallydixey.com/2011/06/wod-26th-june-nancy/

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