WOD 30th June Team Deadlifts

29 Jun

Today was all about teamwork.

First I got you warmed up with a small circuit of swings push ups pull ups and box jumps.

After you were sufficiently warm I stuck you in teams for workout of deadlifts, push press and squats.

I had chosen another high rep range workout and wanted us to prepare for the weight together. It had to be heavy but still with good technique.

Once you had that sorted it was then to check out the push press. the guideline was 60Kg but for the most guys used 40Kg and girls used 30Kg.

The key was that in your teams one person tackles the wod while the team mate helps change over the weights and is a general cheerleader and motivator.

Here is how the WOD went

21 Deadlifts , 50 Squats, 21 Push press

15 Deadlifts, 50 Squats, 15 Push press

9 Deadlifts, 50 Squats, 9 Push press

With most getting the WOD done in 15 minutes we had enough time for a stretch and a few Whoops at the end of the class.

Well Done Crew.

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