WOD 6th June “Gosh it’s a hard one!”

07 Jun

Monday afternoon was grey and gloomy but that didn’t stop you lot.

I had a nifty looking WOD up my sleeve and was ready to dish out some hard work.

The sessions started with deadlifts.

Our usual strength modal of 5,5,5+ with 3 minutes rest inbetween.

Our rest time was filled with weighted chins or strict chins if weighted is a step to far.

The lads in my 5.30 class, Trev and Phil had some enormous amounts of weight with some cracking form and good sound effects for good measure.

Temi was back from injury and on particular form – Well Done Girlfriend!

My nifty looking WOD was up next.

It went like this:

60 second Max Ring DIps -60 second rest

60 second Max Push Ups -60 second rest

5 rounds needed completing.

Quickly the dips and push ups became a struggle. I wasn’t allowing knee push ups, they had to be full push ups and if need be negatives (lowering to the floor slowly). Bands were allowed with the Ring Dips but it had to be a challenging band strength.

Half way through the WOD Pat turned to me and said “Gosh it’s a hard one!”

Perfect response-my work here is done!

Well Done to all

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