WOD 7th June Snatches for Breakfast.

07 Jun

Chris has popped off for a bit of sun asking me to hold the reins.

I had to find my best club mix on my I-pod to make up for the missing Chris and his party tunes.

I found myself a Chris style strength WOD but with a Sally re-mix.

Finally ready for the class I warmed you up with some Burgener drills.

It was then time for a bit of double under practise and L hold competition.

In the 7 am class Tim was the champion and the girls took it at 8 am -Well Done.

With everyone happy with the skipping ropes for the WOD we moved swiftly onwards to the weight we would use for the WOD.

I better explain the WOD first!

7 Rounds of

35 Double unders  (if you don’t have double unders 65 singles is the sub)

1 Snatch

The snatches are singles meaning the WOD is strength = heavy weight. The double unders gives sufficient rest for the weight to be close to or at 1 rep max, depending on the skill of the athlete.

To prepare for this we grabbed some bars and after a little reminder of form we had 3 sets to warm up, progressing the weight as we went.

I was looking for full squat snatches.

Well Done Tim, he smashed it at 50kg.

Lauren for getting nice and low into the snatch.

Trev for doing double unders even if it took him all morning.

Jan for some lovely consistent snatches.

Well Done Crew – I shall see you all on Thursday

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