WOD 9th June The WODinator! AM/PM

10 Jun

If you don’t get the joke above that’s because you missed out on Simon’s awesome tee-shirt.

Ask him next time you see him!

Today I covered Chris’s 7am class also, with Trevor picking up the 8am session.

I had a full house at 8am with some impressive moves from all.

We started with simple arm circles, squats, strict pressing, squats and finally a warm up of push presses.

Our strength was push presses obviously!

Sticking to a 5,5,5+ routine and cleaning each time to get the bar into the rack position.

Some impressive pushes from Elisa visiting from the states and of-course Cindy smashing it as usual.

The WOD was a simple ladder which we kept in the strictest possible fashion.

10 push ups – 1 pull up and so on till your are doing 1 push ups and 1 pull up.

The rules were simple keep it strict! Chest to floor hands off and where possible no band or the lightest possible band required. (I only wanted you pushing out 2,3,4 at the most.

All in all from Am to PM a good effort from all.

The best laugh had to be the slogan on the tee-shirt….seriously we should start a competition for the best tee-shirt slogan!


6 thoughts on “WOD 9th June The WODinator! AM/PM

  1. This is the most Awesome T shirt ever as chosen by Meee!!! i especially like the pic of Arnie on the front!

  2. I saw someone sporting this classic:

    “Hard times dont last forever………….Hard men do!!!!!”

  3. Thanks for having me the last couple of days–I had a great time, especially learning split jerks this morning! I’ll definitely stop by again the next time I’m in London! If you’re ever in Washington, DC, come by CrossFit MPH!


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