Wod: hips and core, and the mississippi

03 Jun

a suerb little combo

9 power snatches

7 Box jumps

10 second L sit hold, counting 10 out loud.

amrap 12 minutes

The box jump/snatch smashed up the hips, while humping stuff overhead and the L sit murdered the core. Being forced to count out loud, 1 mississippi, 2 mississippi, really interrupts your recovery breathing.


Lauren wacks it up


Preceded by 3 sets of Front squats, cleaned: theres nothing like increasing the challenge of a front squat by being forced to drag it from the floor 1st.  Im sure we sprinkled some weighted pull ups in there too.

2 thoughts on “Wod: hips and core, and the mississippi

  1. A right blighter of a wod. After the snatches, my hips just refused to be snappy for those box jumps. And I was reduced to whispering “1 mississippi, 2 mississippi…” as I’d run out of wind by then! Good times x

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