WOD June 12: Best for Last

12 Jun

WOD June 12: Best for last

Today’s workout schedule bounced back and forth between strength and work capacity.

We started off with 2 x 5 and 5+ push press, and some busted plateaus. Between reps everyone worked on their power clean with an emphasis on (as per usual) violent hip extension.

The work out was very fast:



10 pull ups

15 KB Swings

25 Double Unders

With movements that everyone can do well and a low rep scheme, it was easy to power through this workout. The idea was to take all the skills from the past few sessions, (the countless double under practice, shortening cycle time, and hip extension) and putting everything in a workout that let people go hard.

It went well. Everyone finished in record time and had energy to spare afterward. Which was just as well.

The afterparty:

1 min on, :30 sec off.

Hanging L-Sit.

It looks really simple, and it is. But once again, “simple” doesn’t mean “easy”.

L-Sits are an easy way to develop midline stabilization, teaching you to breath while keeping tension and make everything short of a GHD situp look easy. (Which are not to be taken lightly anyway)

The first minute went down well enough but each subsequent minute took it’s toll.

This will potentially be a skill to revisit.

See everyone Tuesday.


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