WOD: June 14th “Elizabeth-ish”

14 Jun

Today focused on a few things,

First off, we had fun with deadlifts and weighted chin ups. Everyone had fun with the 5+ deadlifts but some athletes wanted to try their hand at a 5 rep max pull up and weighted negative pull ups.

As I have a soft spot for pull ups, I was more then happy to accommodate anyone who was willing to try their hand. I was going through some texts from strength coach Poliquin (brilliant strength coach with a spectacular hatred for crossfit) and came across some interesting strength percentages in regards to negatives, so the weighted negatives were of particular interest.

Weighted Negatives. Because.
Weighted Negatives. Because.

As with the snatch grip deadlift, I’ll mull things over a little, test some stuff and then get back to you.






The WOD:



Power Cleans

Ring dips

Rx’d, Elizabeth is suppose to be Squat cleans @ 60kgs and ring dips. However to focus on hip extension and power over range of motion, I gave it a shot with power cleans at 65kg and ring dips.

Slightly different, still a pain in the ass to get done.

To finish off, we revisited Sunday’s afterparty:

1 min on, :30 sec off


Congrates to everyone for toughing it out.

See you all Sunday.


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  1. Luuurved this! Thank you cheering squad who helped me stagger through the last few cleans and dips

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