WOD June 21: Disco SUCKS.

21 Jun

WOD June 21: Disco SUCKS.

There. I said it. I have no qualms. Disco sucks.

Today’s classes blazed through the push press at all speed to hurry into the skill portion of the day.

High pulls and power cleans.

Drill. After Drill. After Drill. Supplemented with counting in funny languages no less.

But, as there is a tendency to muscle the bar with power cleans, practice never hurts.

The WOD:

Crossfit Disco:
Power Cleans
Pull ups

It looks much worse on the board, but it’s only 55 reps in total. “Only” being used lightly here. That’s only 10 more then Fran.

Nothing to it.

Pull ups were strong all around and the power cleans weren’t bad either. The descending reps means that this workout tends to get a little bit easier as time goes by, which leads to the interesting phenomena of seeing athletes scale up as the workout progresses, instead of starting off Rx’d and having to scale down.

Always something I’m happy to see.

See everyone Sunday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“It’s you.” To Brie: Like Stephanie, Brie has decided that Mr. Green Band isn’t fulfilling her needs anymore. It’s not her. It’s him. No they can’t still be friends. It’s time to make a clean break. Luckily, she’s been eyeing up Mr. Blue Band and he seems keen. Time will tell.

Simon “The Smoker” : As Simon correctly stated last night, he can’t get any respect from me. Except when he smokes my times, which he has been doing regularly by minutes on end.

“Equality Please.” To Nick. Nick noticed that the class before his had to do L-Sit Practice at the end of the class and it looked like his wouldn’t have to. Obviously that wasn’t fair, as why should they get to practice a little extra? As always, I was happy to accommodate.

“It’s not a phase.” To Steph. For getting so badass that all the weight she USED to push press looked so ridiculously easy that she has to scale up drastically next time. It’s not a phase, it’s a state of being.

“Best Advanced Encouragement Strategies.” To Andrew. Andrew helped correctly demonstrate very highly advanced, specific, and overwhelmingly positive encouragement strategies (all very PC, I assure you) during the last L-Sit practice of the night. Not at all randomly yelling obscenities or anything of the like. Perish the thought.

6 thoughts on “WOD June 21: Disco SUCKS.

  1. I liked it too. though i reserve mr. green band for the occasional strict pull up work. you can call it a booty call if you like.

  2. I’m glad I got an award this week given the amount of MOCKERY I had to put up with for my PP PB! 🙂
    And it’s true – I have decided I am sticking with the primal for good. Yay for coconut milk!

  3. This looks like an awesome WOD, I agree with Simon , hope to see more of this stuff when im back in training !!!

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