WOD June 26: Original jokes only.

26 Jun

Today’s work focused on two things: Overhead squats and the Snatch.

As we’re all adults, I will ask that we refrain from making the obvious jokes currently associated with the Snatch and undertake the serious business of coming up with new ones.

For example:

While the class is working their way up to a 1 rep max deadlift, make sure to make the comment, “That’s your usual Snatch weight right?” while looking as serious as possible.

Everyone will burst out laughing. (For some reason, this joke only really works with Crossfitters)

But I digress.

Today’s class focused on Overhead squat drills and then quite a bit of work on the Snatch. From set up to the high pull to proper landing. Over all, absolute hilarity.

The WOD:


Box jumps

35 KG Snatch

Pull ups

I know what you must be thinking: Box jumps AND Snatch in the same workout? Really Phil? The two things I never, EVER program, coming up in the same workout?

Yes. Because my Olympic lifts need work. Which probably means that your Olympic lifts need work (Unless you’re Foz).

So, like double unders, it’s time to fail, and fail better, until we go from being very bad, to marginally bad.

And as for box jumps? I hate box jumps. Box jumps are the only skill that can actively fuck with my head and make me second guess myself. Obviously this cannot go on and they must be conquered and destroyed.

Fortuantly for all the atheles from this weekend, they were all already good at box jumps, which is contributed to why I had my times beaten so drastically. 😛

Well done to everyone and see you Tuesday.

Arbitrary Awards:

“The Walking Wounded”: To Paul and Colm. Maybe, just maybe, this is your body’s way of saying, “Slow down.” Although props for showing up and trying to destroy the Cindy sub.

“Enthusiasm fail.” To the 11:30 class. You guys were good. You trained hard, your lifts developed well. However, the concept of “loud verbal confirmation” seems to have escaped you. Not to worry. I still like you.

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