WOD June 28: “NARFRAN”

28 Jun

Weird title huh?

You can thank Simon. But more on that later.

Today was a day full of Thrusters. See: Lots.

After some front squat practice that focused on the upward drive from the bottom of the squat we moved on the light thruster practice.

Two main problems:

Problem 1) Under fatigue, athletes turn a thruster into a front squat, followed by a press or a push press, instead of using the upward drive from the squat to drive the weight up.

Problem 2) Catching the weight from the press without lowering into a squat.

So the goal is to be more efficient in our movement to properly transfer energy into the bar which also helps reduce the overall cycle time of the motion. Nothing to it.

Enter the WOD:



Thrusters 35KG

Pull ups

Why the weird name? Because as Simon correctly noted, it’s the rep scheme for Fran, backwards, then forwards.

The idea was less to finish, and more to survive while working on the thruster as a skill. There was a 15 minute cap more for the sake of saving athletes from themselves then anything else.

Very nicely done to everyone and I will see you Sunday.

Arbitrary Awards:


“The Smoker Strikes Again”: To Simon. For beating my time by 4 minutes. Rx’d. Beastmode my ass. We’re getting him piss tested.

“Copyright infringement”  To Brie: Although the actual origins of Sunday’s “That’s my Snatch weight” joke remain to be confirmed (Steven claims it as well. As do I.) She did make the joke first on Sunday. Credit where Credit is due.

“Best display of Community” To Khoa and Joe, who showed up early and cheered and encouraged the previous class on during their WOD. Profoundly wanting others to perform at their best and encouraging it is something I love about Crossfit.

“The Good Samaritan” To Katarina, who selflessly let me use her water bottle when I have a WOD induced memory blank about where I had put mine.

“Best Sweat Angel” To Richard. Look at it smile!


14 thoughts on “WOD June 28: “NARFRAN”

  1. “Sometimes you get the bear, sometimes the bear gets you” were Phil’s words of wisdom after this WOD chewed me up and spat me out.

    Don’t know what it was, bit of over-training, too much sun? But this was not my day.

    BIG Thanks to the anonymous 18:30 guy (Khoa?) who managed to talk me through it.
    I was the guy bouncing around on a green band who couldn’t count to 21.
    I owe you one 😉

  2. This WOD almost made me cry. I literally had tears of outrageous self-pity I fought the whole time while thinking “no. crying. in. crossfit”. Then I was basically angry at the WOD for an hour after that. It was an emotional time. Then I slept 11 hours.

    Thanks Phil for all the encouragement and for the joke credit…. i’m sure I heard it first somewhere else and then didn’t even tell it right…

  3. Cheers Colm! It was a tough WOD, I was dying half way through but it was good to be finished…

  4. Thanks to Joe(?) who was counting down most of my reps throughout the WOD. Great support…

  5. I’m with you, Brie. Admittedly I’d had a bit of a frustrating day already, but I also felt like losing my shit during this wod. I was left feeling quite pissed off afterwards too. Not sure what that was about… Fortunately these days don’t roll around too often. Soldier on, we shall!

  6. Looks like this WOD got to a few of us.

    “NARFRAN”…sounds like a mythological beast…or a sedative.
    Hope it doesn’t come around again too soon.

    Oh, and thank you Si for the positive comment!

  7. Anyone for a wager on sundays wod, reckon it ll be very technical so Phil can try fry us.


  8. This wod really seems to have stirred people! It was horrible – I felt like an overworked horse (prob complete with foaming at the mouth). Still want to find out what my actual Fran time is though – evidently longer than the usual 10 min guillotine

  9. I hope it comes up again sometime soon…I can still feel it days after 🙂 And have a time to shoot for next time!

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