WOD June 5th: Cycle Times..

05 Jun

Today had two distinct parts: One (fairly) relaxed strength portion, and one hectic work capacity.

The nice and relaxing part of the day came in the form of a 5+ deadlift and weighted pull ups.

Since we had plenty of time, everyone leisurely worked their way through the reps, with some PR’s and some tweaking of form along the way. Like I said, very relaxing.

The more frantic part of the day was the work capacity portion. I was thinking about the cycle time between movements and came up with this seemingly simple workout.

For Time:
2 Rounds
60 Squats
30 KB Swings
30 Push ups

The logic behind it is simple.

Assuming that each movement goes through the same established range of motion, (hip below the knee and full extension for the squat for example) athletes lose the most time at the transition between one phase of a movement to the next.

Going quickly through a phase of motion is easy, the hard part is stopping and going the other direction.

Minimize the pause between the cycle time of each movement (increase agility) and you save yourself a bunch of time during a WOD. The fun part is reducing it without sacrificing range of motion while under stress. Squats are fairly easy to cycle through, as are push ups. The main portion that kills here is the KB swing. Having to actively pull the KB down instead of letting gravity do the work and then immediately having to reverse that motion is surprisingly brutal.

This is what happens when I’m left to my own devices for too long. 🙂

Well done to everyone and see you Tuesday.

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