WOD June 7: Mad Skillz Day.

07 Jun

WOD June 7: Mad Skillz Day.

Today was all about the Skillz. (Yes. I am going to write it like that for this entire post)

There was Kipping! Double Unders! Weird Deadlift positions! Oh My!

We started off with the basics for kipping, working our way up from hollows and arcs to controlled rocking, to re grips. We got a few people who managed to kip for the first time so kudos to you all.

The workout was skill heavy, with a massive amount of double unders:

Double Unders
Sit ups

The sub for the double unders was three times the amount in single skips. Why so high? Why not just doubles? (I was asked that question often yesterday) simple: to make you so sick of single skips that you give double unders a try.

Think of it as aversion therapy. Greg Glassman does it with muscle ups, there’s no reason we shouldn’t do it with single skips as well.

Good natured whinging aside, a lot of people are not only trying double unders, but they’re even stringing one or two together now. A long cry from the old box when double unders got put on the board and everyone went, “A whatnow?”

Some classes breezed through the WOD so quickly they were able to participate in a small experiment: Snatch Grip Deadlift. Nothing even remotely heavy, just a test to satisfy my curiosity.

Who can hold in position correctly at the bottom of a snatch?

It’s just the beginning of an idea I’m experimenting with, so we’ll see what comes of it.

See everyone Sunday.

Arbitrary Awards:
“R’lyeh Represent” To Brie, for rocking an awesome Cthulhu necklace. (We’ve decided it’s not an octopus after all)

“Cobra Kai” To Adrienne, for best bandanna head wrap. Obviously mandatory from now on.

“How the %@*! did that happen?” To Simon, for getting an impressive 8:26 on annie. Crushing my best time by almost a minute.

“First time Survivors”: To Joe and Khoa, for surviving their first official class. Congratulations.

‘The Return”: To Rupert, Chris and Joy, Welcome back to the main class, try not to make anyone look bad.

5 thoughts on “WOD June 7: Mad Skillz Day.

  1. i think i may have to jump in here and say, im not sure i like the Z on the end of drillzzzz and skillzzzz.

    Perhaps it time we aspired to a better standard of english.

  2. I found this WOD really refreshing (once I got over the pain of triple skips!) – it feels like sit ups don’t come up that often. Maybe farmers carry one day too!!

  3. my dad and bro are over for the weekend – bona fide farmers 🙂 Not sure how we’d attach some form of handle to them though ….

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