Women’s Virtuosity: Catholic Knees

13 Jun

Ring dips. Handy hint for newbies: If you don’t want a smack in the face with a band, always hang onto that band until you’ve got both feet back on the floor!

Lots of chatty overhead squats again. This time, we corrected “Catholic Knees”, first coined by Andrew 4 years ago in response to my pathetic car-crash of a squat. I was born Catholic, went to a convent school and everything 😉 so from year dot, I was told to sit like a lady, keep my knees together (or I might go to Hell!) and all that guff. Jolly inconvenient for proper full depth squats! So girls, fight the power! Get those knees out!
Next was press, push press and split jerk drills. Taking them from racks, the girls did split jerks only, running up to some heavier weights
Bar, 3, 2,2,1,1,1

Again, the ladies plumbed their depths to dig out some aggression, and slung it into some fabulous, foot-stomping lifts.

The WOD was this funster: I minute each of
GHD sit-ups
Wall ball
Box jumps
Split jerks
Kettlebell swings

Round one had a thirty second rest between stations – call it a practice round if you like. It gives the athletes time to get used to for what is for some an unfamiliar move.
Round 2 has no rests between: go full pelt at each station and try not to waste time getting to the next. A little taste of some “Fight Gone Bad” style intensity.

A word about GHD sit-ups. This can be a classic cause of rhabdomyolosis, so we went cautiously and ensured everyone only spent 1 min in total doing them (we left them out for round two)

An awesome effort from all 4 ladies tonight: Cindy, Nia, Kathy and Caroline (welcome to your first class!)

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