Women’s Virtuosity: Game girls

27 Jun

To open we had drills for press, push press and push jerk. Then chomped on a club sandwich of push jerk and pull up maxes. Delish!

The main event was a Crossfit Games WOD from earlier this year:

AMRAP 10 mins
9 deadlifts
12 push ups
15 box jumps

Although the folks in the park opposite popping tennis balls at each other have no hope of ever competing at Wimbledon, Crossfit is much more inclusive. This year 26,000 ordinary (and extraordinary) Crossfitters from across the world entered the first round of the Games. Many more (including Crossfit London) did the prescribed workouts just for fun!

So in true Crossfit Games style, the girls paired up into athletes and coaches and got on with it. Coaches not only kept score and encouraged, but called out to keep lumbar curves locked, feet landing correctly, full range in push ups etc. By seeing and correcting, the coach also learns. So when they swapped places, everyone becomes more savvy and sharper on form.

A wonderful effort on a very hot evening from
Nia: Actually speeds up in a WODs last 10 seconds, so winner of the true grit rosette
Adrea: bravest for overcoming fear of two-footed jumps
Caroline: princess of the push-jerk
Socorro: every push-up a beautiful plank

Great job, see you next week xxx

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