Women’s Virtuosity: Snatch-tastic

06 Jun

The call came in; “My snatch needs improving. If you get to do it in the Women’s class, can you let me know?”
Well, just call me DJ Kate: I do take requests from the floor. But be careful what you wish for…

So tonight’s ladies’ class was devoted to all things Snatch. It’s so technically difficult: a test of balance, strength, speed, agility and not forgetting courage. It takes a lot of guts to jump under a weight that’s held in a wide grip.

The Snatch warm up included “chatty overhead squats” – hang out at the bottom and have a good gab with your neighbour. Time flies by, and you don’t notice your legs seizing up!

After the Snatch drills, the strength component was…guess what?
Heaving Snatch Balance

This trains the hardest part of the full Snatch – getting the confidence to throw yourself under the bar and hold that weight strong and steady overhead.

On to the WOD
30 Snatches for time.
It’s a full class and a limited space, so for the sake of ‘elf and safety, the girls worked through this in pairs.

If this had been a yoga class, we’d be turning out the lights and getting blankets now. It isn’t. We finished with a 3 minute Texas Push-up test.

Well done Kiran and Kathy (their first class, hurrah!)  Sarah, Nia, Cindy and Harriet (whose idea it was to do the Snatch tonight)

You wanted Snatch – you got Snatch!.

See you next week, ladies xxx

I am woman, hear me ROAR! Kiran blows Sarah's hair back with her determined heaving snatch balance.

6 thoughts on “Women’s Virtuosity: Snatch-tastic

  1. I was less that enthusiastic at the start with Harriet’s request to the ‘DJ’!

    However, I got into it and it was a great class. I enjoyed it and even managed to get into a deeper squat snatch a number of times than I have hitherto managed.

  2. It was awesome! Thanks for the time and effort putting this together Kate! I feel positively virtuous now having spent an hour working on the one thing I find the scariest to do 🙂

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