Women’s Virtuosity: Work it till the pips squeak

20 Jun

The idea behind tonight’s workout was to break the squat clean up into its components, and work it hard until the pips squeak! The ladies drilled the technicals until rounded backs were transformed into beauteous lumbar curves, halting clean catches became confident, and drooping elbows became parallel and proud.

Then, just to blow out the cobwebs, a little circuit consisting of:

1 min each, 10 seconds rest:
Box jumps
Kettlebell swings
Pull ups

Loading up the bars with a safe weight, the brave lasses ploughed into tonight’s (frankly, deeply unpleasant yet strangely satisfying) WOD

Hang power cleans
Front squats

Excellent job Nia, Adrea and visiting strength trainer, Sally. Enjoy your nice lie down, ladies, and see you next week. A woman’s work is never done…

5 thoughts on “Women’s Virtuosity: Work it till the pips squeak

  1. parallel and proud.

    reminds me of O level English Class… “discuss the role of alliteration in Kates class write-ups”

  2. Really enjoyed it Kate, thank you! A bit different to how I normally train, and all the more fun for it. It’s a tough, tough workout even when you know the movements quite well.

  3. Thanks Kate! I loved the class even though i can barely move now! I’m in love with crossfit and just want to push myself to the limits now. See you on the next one! 🙂

  4. Delighted to hear all your comments, guys. So glad you’re enjoying these classes. Get signed up now for more “fun”* next week!

    *Crossfit definition of fun = not fun!

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