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29 Jul

Hi All, an interesting running opportunity

My name is Rose and I am writing from a charity called Elephant Family, the UK’s leading fundraiser for the Asian elephant. I am writing with an opportunity that may interest your fitness centre as a target to work towards. We are recruiting runners for the Royal Parks Half Marathon and it would be great if it would be possible to circulate this email with the attached poster to the leaders of the groups if possible. It may be a great way for the group to get together and as a team, achieve something incredible and take part in London’s most beautiful run.

Elephant Family would not be able to do the work we do without the dedication of our supporters – especially our fantastic fundraising runners! For the past few years we’ve had supporters run for Elephant Family in the Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon (www.royalparkshalf.com) which has been great fundraising success. There are no longer places open to the public , the only way to take park is by running on behalf of a charity and so it is a great opportunity for keen runners. The Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon is a fantastic event and famous for being the most beautiful half marathon in the UK. Last year was a truly magical event and everyone, including the sunshine, was beaming by the end of the race – check out our video from the day to see for yourself, www.youtube.com/elephantfamily.

Here are a few of the key details, but if you are interested and would like some more information, please let me know.

Royal Parks Foundation Half Marathon

  • ·         Date – Sunday 9th October
  • ·         Location –  Central London Royal Parks and the Embankment – http://www.royalparkshalf.com/runners/race-details/route-map/
  • ·         Distance – 13.1miles (21km)
  • ·         Registration – £45
  • ·         Minimum Sponsorship – £100

Everyone that signs up will get –

*    An Elephant Family running vest and sweat band
*    A cheerleading squad to spot you and cheer you on!
*    Vital training tips and free training sessions for half marathon runners
*    A race support hotline
*    Helpful ideas for fundraising
*    A runners information blog

I have attached a poster that you could print off and put up if you think it might be of interests to the staff and customers at your centre. If you would like more information or if you would like a place please contact tim@elephantfamily.org or telephone us on 020 7251 5099.

Kind regards,
Rose Timmis Challenge Events Fundraiser

Elephant Family
020 7251 5099

www.elephantfamily.org | First Floor, 17-18 Haywards Place, London, EC1R 0EQ

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