April Showers

16 Jul

Saturday 16th July


Andrew has declared it muscle up month. Woohoo!  So I decided to chip in with some false grip pull ups.  If you are working towards your first muscle up then you need to master this. If you are looking to string multiple muscle ups together then you need to master this.  Getting the idea?  We started with some instruction on how to obtain the false grip and why it is so important. Then we looked at different scaled versions of the pull up, dead hang with a turn out, from the knees form one leg, toes on a box and negatives.  Joy you will soon be a muscle up machine.  Lots of great work here trying to find what level you were at. Once established then on to 3 sets of 5+ strict false grip pull ups trying very hard to maintain that grip.  Yes, I know it hurts but….


I am going to name this Apple Pie:

There are three mini AMRAPS with 2 minutes rest in between. The first cycle is an 8 minute AMRAP of 8 reps of clapping press ups and toes to the bar. Rest 2 minutes. Second cycle 8 minute AMRAP of 8 reps of jumping squats and ring rows. Rest 2 minutes. Last cycle of an 8 minute AMRAP of 8 reps of box jumps and burpees. Rest, the remainder of the weekend, if you like.


Fantastic effort all round today good enthusiasm on the drills and learning the new movements such as ring rows.

Au Revoir

It was April’s last Saturday WOD today and she missed it! Why? Because she was baking me an Apple pie, that’s why! In my time here I have made such great friends.  It is the nature of crossfit that it attracts a lot of overseas clients and so it is only natural that you they have to say goodbye.  Well a big thank you and best wishes for the future April. Don’t be a stranger.

PS: Have a look at super mum to be Sally’s blog: http://sallydixey.com/2011/07/wod-16th-july-colin-is-back-in-business/


And if you get time have a look here too: http://everydayisaschoolday.blogspot.com/2011/07/what-is-crossfit.html





8 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. Glad I had a chance to say goodbye to you today! Keep Crossfitting wherever you are! x

  2. Yes april you will be missed!
    ps colin that post title might as well be the title of a risque film from the 1970s…

  3. Brie! I was referencing my blubbering the gifts and the recent weather. What kind of childhood did you have?

  4. It’s been my pleasure! Thank you all for being my family while I was in London. I will miss you all so much and I don’t think my future CF boxes will be able to live up to you guys. Cheers for all the laughs and sweat we shared… xoxoxo

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