Checking your kittens bottom…..

27 Jul

The functional  value of the medicine ball clean has not always been clear to its critics. The attacks on this movement do no harm. It merely shows up the critics for the kitten-less, pet-less fiends they are.

Anyone who has ever had to trap a kitten,  then lift it up to inspect its bottom  uses “Medball Clean” technology. You get over the kitten, deadlift it up. If now, you reverse curl it, it goes upside down and either pukes or scratches its way out of your hands: If however, you shrug, leave the kitten in mid air while you re-catch it in a warming soft friendly  front squat, then lift it up to the light, while peering at its bottom: everyone is happy. Including the kitten.

Voila, Crossfit London, functional skill for  a pet owning economy.

After this fun, and  a mini medball clean, pushup.(burpee for some)sprint warm up WOD.  Then it was, hey ho, hey ho, its off to jerk we go… a snuggle up strength work out mixing jerks and split jerks.

Look at Phil.


After that it was “Fractured Fran” 4 Thrusters, 4 strict pull ups, amrap 12 minutes ( top prizes go to Trevor for  13 rounds) Top girl prize goes to Katarina for managing 6 rounds before going to a band ( well I never, a girl who can do 24 strict pull ups).

Most people also got a quick go at a handstand hold.

Lovely evening, lovely people: Insane trainer. Top prize goes to me for the Longest most obscure coaching point ever with ” Cicero suggested that wisdom without elegance was without profit… so give me elegant thrusters” . Perhaps a bit obscure if you are not on top of your medieval rhetoric.

3 thoughts on “Checking your kittens bottom…..

  1. Katarina! Amazing, well done!
    Hilarious and hard lesson. I have a footprint on my chest to prove it 😉

  2. I am just upset that I’ve missed a valuable lesson on how to pick up the kittens as I forgot it was wed and arrived a little late.
    But the WOD was worth it didn’t get as many rounds in as boys but at least I’ve done my best so far in terms of pull ups (which makes me happy).
    Thanks Andrew!

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