Equipment? Who needs equipment?

21 Jul

Brace yourselves. Grab a paper bag, and sit down.

Sunday is the i-Course, which means that the regularly scheduled classes with yours truly are cancelled.

I know. (Try not to let panic overwhelm you.)

However, being an enterprising Crossfitter, (as we all are) we opted not to let all the new people have all the fun.

The 10:30 class is cancelled, but I’ll be giving a bodyweight seminar in the park near next to the gym at 11:30.

If you’ve ever worried about missing a workout because of travel, or wanted to improve your bodyweight skill set, this is for you.

Topics covered will be:

– Strength training with Bodyweight.

– Work Capacity workouts.

– Warm ups, Mobility and Coordination Drills.

There will be both a sample strength workout focusing on tempo modification and will have scaling options for every level followed by a work capacity workout to finish off.

Afterwards, I’m going to revive my tradition of grabbing lunch over at Nando’s, anyone is welcome to come.

Space for the workshop is limited to 10 people.

You can book through MBO normally. We will meet in front of the gym at 11:30 and leaving by 11:35.

Any straggles will have to come find us in the park.

2 thoughts on “Equipment? Who needs equipment?

  1. This looks like fun! I’m out of London this weekend, so am hugely jealous of anyone who makes it out to play with Phil!

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