First Foundations Class!

21 Jul
Fabulous Foundation Fitties


Last night saw the inaugural Crossfit London Foundations Class. Based on Kate’s successful Women’s Virtuosity classes, the Foundations class gives members a chance to focus on technique, get a bit more one on one coaching, and perform slightly less intense WODS.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t get a good sweat going though!

John, Patricia & Sal worked their way through a warmup of dislocates, Samson stretch then a short sharp warmup WOD of squats & push ups.

Skills today was Knees to Elbows, a fantastic grip and core strength builder. Safe to say everyone performed this move a lot better than they thought they would.

Strength was Front Squats. Working through the progressions, then adding weight on for 5, 5, 5+ the key coaching cues were shrugging the bar onto the rack, and slowing down or “pulling” down as opposed to “jumping” down the squat.

Onto the WOD a 21-15-9 of front squats and box jumps.
Everyone smashed through this. Special mentions should go to John who displayed excellent technique, Patricia who did box jumps onto the… GREEN box, I kid you not! and Sal who grinded out the WOD with gritty determination & no complaints.

Great first session guys, looking forward to many more!

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