Foundations. Because it’s good to practice.

11 Jul

Isnt it always the same.

You take a course, or learn a skill, then the next time it comes up in real life, you realise that you must have drifted off halfway through that lecture. Where do you put this hand, where does my foot go?

So, rather than leave you stuck up a tree, we thought we would bring in some bridging classes into Crossfit London/p>

Starting next week , you will see the introduction of a new class, The Crossfit London Foundations sessions (Wed 6.30pm and Thursday 6.30pm). These classes are set up for those taking the first step from beginners, and for those who got chucked into the main class a bit prematurely, and who like a bit more teaching time

Based on Kates Woman’s virtuosity class, but for everyone (boys and girls), the foundation class aims to pinpoint vague areas in your form and tighten up your technique, then pressure test it with an appropriate WOD. Just what you need when you work out that your technique collapses when we take the PVC away and give you a bar.

If you are a regular Crossfitter, these classes can be your temporary shelter: you may drop out of Crossfit London for a month or so and fancy a gentler return, equally, post injury, they will be ideal for easing yourself back in. You could also use them for those “off weeks” where you dont fancy a full on class, but would like to keep active and practise the moves.

Get booking, as they are in the back room so there are only 6 spaces available

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