Got strict pull-ups? [Cruel Summer]

14 Jul

After last week’s bombshell effectively banning kipping pull-up from WODs until October, I stumbled across this article from a female crossfitter training in Miami.

It charts her journey from starting out with CrossFit with no pull-ups to developing 30 unbroken kipping ones. And yet, even with these – admittedly impressive – numbers, her pulling strength hadn’t moved on in the same manner.

Everything sunk in when, after asking Coach Tucker (of CrossFit Gymnastics) to teach her to muscle-up on rings, she was told she wasn’t strong enough!

“How many strict pull ups CAN I do? I had never even really cared. CrossFit gets you so into wanting to do things quickly and efficiently. Doing the most amount of work in the shortest amount of time. But how strong am I, really?”

At CrossFit London, just like CrossFit Gymnastics, we want you to care about how many strict pull-ups you can do!

Finding your base strength, CrossFit Gymnastics


Note: article features slight profanity and salacious pictures of ladies in crop tops and short shorts. Potentially NSFW.




3 thoughts on “Got strict pull-ups? [Cruel Summer]

  1. Good article Steve. The kipping ban is certainly something I needed!

    Question on something she said though. She talks about going “strict” on handstand push ups and ring dips. How would it even be possible to not do these strict?

  2. We do something similar to the kipping HSPU in Amelia’s class either going headstand to handstand or backward roll to handstand. Reading the judging for the regionals I dont think athletes were allowed to have their feet off the wall any time doing the HSPU so kipping wouldnt really be possible.

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