No One Died Today

09 Jul

Saturday 09/07/2011


2×5 Over Head Squat 1×5+ Over Head Squat

What can you say about the over head squat? Well a lot but only one thing nice. Its the king of all core conditioning exercises. Raising your centre of gravity from somewhere between your navel and pubic bone to above your head is very challenging. When you lift heavy its massively challenging from the outset. There was a big safety issue to be dealt with before we started. Bailing out. That’s dumping the bar safely to the front or to the rear. We practised OHS with PVC then drilled dumping the bar and then repeated this with the olympic bars and trainer discs. To lift heavy with confidence you have to be confident with coping with failure. Its the old; fear failure but never fear to fail. Once we got into the heavy lifting we experienced all the usual agony. Sore wrists, wobbly knees, pumped forearms, tiring shoulders. This all adds up to make these officially horrible. But you have to concede when you get a good set done it is enormously satisfying.


Well it made sense to finish those legs off with 50 squats, 40 box jumps, 30 lunges, 20 pistols,10 jumping squats.

A great little sub 10 minute leg wobbler. Followed by an Afterparty of 75 press ups. Just to emphaise how much you need your legs performing press ups.

Great effort by everyone.

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