Ride ’em Cowboy

20 Jul

in a  desperate attempt to revive interest in Crossfit London taking a lead role in the promotion of Horesebic in the Uk, we warmed up with some piggie back ride racesl Rosettes and nose bags  all  round.

Yee ha

We then cantered on to

80% deadlifts for 5

Muscle up transitions

3 weighted pull ups

x3. All at a strength pace with adequate rest.

Then on to the main wod  that cunningly merged 10 sumo deadlift high pulls, 10 Push Jerks, and 10 one legged box squats ( amrap 15 mins).

Big Fun.

6 thoughts on “Ride ’em Cowboy

  1. Was this a sneaky way of incorporating Horsebic training principles into the WODs?

    Seriously though, if this becomes a regular feature, can I request that we include the theme music from “Rawhide” to the playlist?

  2. Oh bugger – didn’t spot the Horsebic reference in the actual blog. That’ll teach me to fire off cmments willy nilly without reading things properly…

  3. The ‘Rawhide’ reference was good though.. I think it would be good for workouts as well

  4. This was great fun. If you look at the photo, Efe has managed to maintain a perfectly upright riding position, almost like dressage.

    Excellent work!

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