The i-Course 24 July 2011: 21 Today!

25 Jul

Crossfit London UK, led by Andrew Stemler and Steven Shrago, today hosted the 21st i-Course,  supported by coaches Kate Pankhurst, Phillip Rolling, and trainees Jenny, Katarina and Ludwig.

The i-Course means different things for different people.

For some the “i” stands for introduction, and the course gives you a preview of what a Crossfit life could look like.

For others the “i” stands for intermediate, ideal for those people who have “sort of” got a handle on the skills but need fine tuning.

For others this is the ideal preparation for a full Crossfit certification if they don’t have regular access to a Crossfit gym .

The i-Course is a “do-able day” but it’s a long one, so well done everyone and thanks for the gift of your day-long attention. Some incredible improvements in form from some. Some rapid learning from others.

Everyone walked away with stuff they knew they could do to improve their skills: that’s what learning is about. Understanding the next step and committing to practice. Progressions are the key. Once you know this, every skill we have to teach you becomes possible: some only in three years, but all achievable by normal people

A pile of cushions... slightly fewer cushions... the perfect cushion-less handstand push up...good job!

All the photos from the day are on the CrossFit London Flickr pages, here!

4 thoughts on “The i-Course 24 July 2011: 21 Today!

  1. Great day. Learnt so much. Really enjoyed the Olympic Lifting in the morning. Instruction was very informative and well delivered. The instructor made the day fun and painful at the same time. Looking forward to putting things into practice and attended some of the classes.

    Thanks for a fantastic day. £100 what a bargain!!

  2. A really excellent day, many thanks to Andrew, Steven, Kate, Phillip, Jenny, Katrina and Ludwig. A lot learnt in a fun and unintimidating environment. Like Steven, I’m really looking forward to including some of what I learnt into my training and to getting along to some classes. I’d recommend the i-Course to anyone who is interested in improving their fitness and strength.

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