TOM 3….. the usa journey continues

04 Jul
Another nail biting update from our roving Croffit London coach, Tom.
Tom is doing is best to encourage the former colony, now know as the US of A to cough up its back taxes!
Good Job

“Sorry for the missing update! Have been on a spiritual journey to Yosemite National park and testing the true durability of Inov-8 195’s! Cut a long story short, after 2 days of 17mile yomps with climbing involved, 0 foot soreness, 0 blisters! Why have i spent all that money on walking boots over the years, and actually walking properly is a plus as well!
So…it turns out that I had Rhabdomyolisis in both my arms for over a week!
Carl Paoli down at Crossfit San Francisco assessted my story and said “yeh, thats Rhabdo!” I thought, well at least thats another tick in the box! Another lessoned learned down at SFCF in Kelly Starett’s class last last thursday, the mystical art of external rotation at the shoulder in the overhead position! When i told him about how i misunderstood the active shoulder postion from my level 1 cert and how that cascaded into me teaching that incorrect “scrunch” to get the shoulders up to the ears “yeh, and you got that down to a T too!” so…push up from underneath with good external rotation! As if your trying to snap the bar in two parallel to the ground!
Unfortunately there was no Crossfit in Yosemite but there was a massive eye opener! A lot of what we do in Crossfit is sagital! And there is a huge barrier to cross here! I got back into my love of climbing whilst in the mountains and the way I was moving, twisting and moving my body into freakish spider positions seemed completely alien! I was shocked! I assumed that my hard hitti g Crossfit schedule would stand me in good stead! Nah, espescially recovering from Rhabdo! And by the way, you lose all the strength you have ever had!!!!
Hope all is well at Crossfit London, I’ve forwarded loads of people down there who are about yo visit london so teach them the ways of the force well!”

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