Tom updated

22 Jul
 Hot off Toms Sore thumbs in America, Toms latest update.
“In the past couple of weeks there hasnt been a whole lot of visiting box’s but….
I stayed in San Francisco after my yosemite trip and did the following:
Slept, phyz, ate, pooped, sunbathed, ate, pooped, slept! Participated in another power lifting session with Kelly Starret and Jessie Burdick, after the last weeks valuable wide stance box squat session, we looked at the deadlift! My fave! This turned out to be interesting taking into account the lack of weighted sessions i had been doing over the past few weeks let alone 1 rep max’s! 177.25kg! New PB!! I hold this down to a few simple moving into position cue points and not knowing what the hell was on the bar due to the yanks stupid pounds system! Ha
During this time waiting for Carolyn to arrive, i had alot of time to think about what stuff i could be doing by myself without making the pilgrimage it is to visit a crossfit box from a hostel! I was feeling rather jealous watching the tour de france on the tv and watching the cyclist community commute from downtown over to the Marin headlands via the golden gate bridge. So i inquired about renting a decent roadbike, $40 for the day, pfft cheers!
Hang on a minute, why arnt i just taking all this time to crack through the 6 week running technique programme instructed on my CFE course!? So what we thought would be a crossfit packed visit to santa cruz turned out to be learning and playing new sports! I.e. Surfing and running properly! This did involve a 10 x 100m run workout on a nice sandy beach! Urgh! However now keeping to a simple regime of stretching in the morning, working through running drills 2-3 times a week and doing some sort of high intensity functional workout every other day, the body is starting to recouperate after a year of hammering by me!
We did however pop into Crossfit Santa Cruz before we left, and lucky enough to meet CFSC coach Amy and CF games finalist Pat Barber who gave myself and Carolyn some good advice on keeping our basic air squat in tact whilst on our travels! If you ever go to Santa Cruz, go, what a friendly environment, much like CF LDN to be honest! Just warmer and dryer!”
Tom should be back in front of aCrossfit london  classes in September

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